We will answer any questions you are in need, or are inquiring to buy Vincity Grand Park apartment District 9, Our side will not only advise completely free, but also help. You look at feng shui, to see the age of the house direction, to help the work of England (Future) in the future further development. The following is a follow-up to the Secrets we will use to help you choose to buy any Real Estate or buy District 9 Vincity.

4.General and Utility.

Overview of Vincity District 9

Overview of Vincity District 9

  1. Overview:

    • Official name: Vincity Grand Park – Great riverside town.
    • Investor: Vingroup – Owner of apartments Vinhomes
    • Project location: Nguyen Xien street, Phuoc Thien street, Long Binh ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh City (Phuoc Thien old island)
    • Total area: over 365 hectares.
    • Scale: Expected 71 block apartment block, 44,000 apartments, 500 shophouses, 1,700 townhouses and villas.
    • Construction density: From 20 – 25%
    • Executor: Conteccons – the largest contractor in Vietnam.
    • Apartment height of VinCity: from 22 to 30 floors.
    • Area: Apartment VinCity District 9 covers an area of ​​30 – 90 m2 (From 1 to 3 comfortable bedrooms).
    • Design: the apartments will have balconies, many beautiful views and enjoy the cool air from the Dong Nai River. The height of the cascade is about 3.1m.
    • Starting time: 3rd quarter 2018
    • Expected to be handed over and put into operation in 2020.
    • Legal: Pink Book.
    • Vietnamese (Long, Vinh Vien) – Foreigners (50 years)
  2. Utilities:

    • Nearly 200 sports fields, mini football, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball.
    • 70 children’s playgrounds
    • Total area of ​​swimming pool is 13.000m2.
    • 750 outdoor gyms, Spa stores …
    • 60ha of Southeast Asia’s largest Grand Forest Park is designed as Singapore’s famous Garden by the Bay Park, Dong Nai River Park – Tac River 2km long, running track.
    • Vinschool School, VinUni International University, Vinmec Hospital
    • Security system, security 24/7. Intelligent car & car sending system.
    • The trade center with brand new VincomPlus includes a full range of household products, consumed to serve the people.
    • Entertainment areas such as cinemas, restaurants, Cofee, Shopping …
    • In addition, at low cost Vincity apartment District 9, management fees ranged from 6,000 to 10,000 vnd / m2 / month, which is extremely good compared to the general market, usually Price as follows:
      • Apartment: about 14,000 vnd – 20,000 vnd / m2.
      • Mid-range apartment: about 8,000 vnd – 12.000 vnd / m2.
      • Low-rise apartments: about 3,500 vnd- 6,000 vnd / m2.
Real estate investment into vincity district 9

Real estate investment into vincity district 9.

5.Price, Pricing and Payment Method.

  1. Price.

    • According to the information of VinHomes Investor, the official opening of Vincity District 9 will be opened for foreigners on December 5, 1818, after a week of selling Vincity District 9 to the Vietnamese.
    • The expected price for each item to pay when borrowing at Techcombank.
      • For apartments, the price is in the range of 20 – 30 million / m2.
      • For villas, shophouse ranges from 50 – 60 million VND / m2
    • However, on December 5, 1818, it was announced that the official price, the prices are the numbers calculated by valuation.
  2. there are 3 ways to, pricing.

    • Compare the details of 1 Real Estate of the same type to the Real Estate you are looking for.
    • Use the numbers (use the 8 digits to know click here).
    • Calculate costs. (Calculate the cost of land needed to purchase, then calculate the price of the construction model on it).
  3. Payment methods, not pay interest loan in 22 months of Techcombank.

    • First, if you borrow 2 billion VND according to the normal policy, then in 22 months you will have to pay nearly 200tr / year interest to the Bank if the interest rate is 10%.
    • If borrowing under the policy of Techcombank, in 22 months Britain will earn nearly 400 million / 2 years due to not pay interest.

==> It is a financial leverage for those who seize the opportunity, and owns the apartment also earn nearly 200tr of interest in 2 years, to receive more information on the progress, consultant choose to buy. The location is completely free at our site vincitygrandparkquan9 .

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